Corporeal Adventures
A Collaborative Project About Human Body Systems

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Each team member will be assigned a body system (tour) offered by Corporeal Adventures. The tour options are listed below. For each tour, the responsible team member will develop some type of literature or presentation that explains the itinerary developed by experienced Corporeal Adventure guides. These itineraries need to include the length of the trip, the departure point, each major organ where tour members will stop, and the sightseeing activities available at each stop. There should be adequate descriptions and pictures/illustrations included for each major organ in the system/tour. The product you develop can be as creative as you want. Here are just a few ideas - Prezi, website, brochure, commercial, etc. However, whatever you decide, each of the five tours should be included in a comprehensive campaign that is unified by design and style.

  • Tour as a red blood cell in the circulatory system
  • Tour as an oxygen molecule in the respiratory system
  • Tour as a salt molecule in the excretory system
  • Tour as a nerve impulse in the nervous system (from a sensory neuron, through the brain, and back out through a motor neuron)
  • Tour as a piece of pizza in the digestive system

Step One: Form a group of five students. Assign each member a tour for which to design an itinerary.

Step Two: Each student should research his/her assigned tour and develop an itinerary including all the requirements listed above.

Step Three: Decide the format in which the itineraries will be marketed and make sure to coordinate formatting of finished products.

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