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A Collaborative Project About Human Body Systems

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Let's see what Corporeal Adventures is looking for as they evaluate your finished marketing campaign. Below you will find the rubric they will be using. Each team member will be graded on his/her own completed tour product. Each will receive individual scores on the first four scoring items, while the last one, formatting, will be the same for all team members.

Rubric for Tour Marketing Campaign

Required Elements
Itinerary contains all four required elements.Itinerary contains three required elements.Itinerary contains two required elements.Itinerary contains one required element.
Includes all major organs, and descriptions are comprehensive and accurate; pictures enhance presentationIncludes most of the major organs, and descriptions are accurate if not totally comprehensive; pictures enhance presentationIncludes some of the major organs, and descriptions are mostly accurate; pictures includedMissing important organs and information; pictures distract from the presentation
Itinerary is exceptionally well-presented and organized, easy to read/navigateItinerary is well presented and organized, can be followed without too much difficultyItinerary is organized, might be slightly confusing to understandItinerary is not organized and difficult to read/navigate.
Little to no errors in punctuation and spellingVery few errors in punctuation and spellingSome errors in punctuation and/or spellingErrors in punctuation and/or spelling distract from final product.
Formatting for all five tours is similar, demonstrates excellent team cooperationFormatting for most of teh tours is similar, most team members cooperatedFormatting for some of the tours is similar, demonstrates some team cooperationFormatting is dissimilar for the tours, demonstrates little to no cooperation
Project turned in on time is worth 5 points. Total score = 40 points.

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