Ulysses' Heroes
A Webquest About The Odyssey

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Step One: Research the Greek gods that live on Mount Olympus using the websites below. Fill out the worksheet as you go and see who played a major part behind the scenes of the Trojan War.

Step Two: Research the background and history of the Trojan War and complete the worksheet.

Step Three: Learn about what makes someone a hero and who those heroes are, in our time and the time of the Greek gods. Choose eight heroes on whom to write biographies (four must be ancient heroes and four must be modern heroes; no more than two modern heroes can be superheroes). In their biography, include basic information like birthdate and family history, as well as why you think they are a hero (great things they did or qualities they have). Also make sure to include the URL of the website where you get your information. Check out the rubric to see what needs to be included in the biography and how they will be graded. Remember, all biographies must be typed!

Step Four: Choose six heroes to help Ulysses sail from Greece to Troy and back again. Remember to choose people with varied gifts or talents--physical strength will be needed to fight enemies, intelligence can help strategize, and diplomacy can help with strength won't work. Write up six classifieds according to the example; make sure to include a picture.

Step Five: Check the rubric to insure you have finished everything correctly. Attach the worksheet on the gods, the eight biographies, and the six classifieds together and turn them in.

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