Ulysses' Heroes
A Webquest About The Odyssey

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To help you understand what you are expected to accomplish during this project, a rubric has been designed for you. Check this before you turn in your finished assignment.


Exceeded Expectations (3 pts)
Met Expectations
(2 pts)
Missed Expectations
(1 pt)
Life History
Includes complete information on birth and death, family history, and great accomplishments
Includes two of the components
Includes one of the components
Heroic Characteristics
Lists four reasons why they are heroic
Lists two or three reasons why they are heroic
Lists one reasons why they are heroic
Contains two pictures of the person
Contains one picture of the person
Contains no pictures of the person
Sources Cited
6-8 biographies have sources cited
3-5 biographies have sources cited
1-2 biographies have sources cited

Be sure to attach your Greek Gods Worksheet (40 points), Trojan War Worksheet (10 points), eight typed biographies (50 points), and six classifieds (100 points) together and turn them in to the box. This project is worth 200 points!

If you have any questions about the project or your assignment, please email me.

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