Celltacular City!
A Webquest About Cells

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City Reporter
As the city reporter, you are responsible for four items.

  1. Complete all research on organelles (internet and textbook).
  2. Decide on a name for your team's city.
  3. Keep a journal of your team's work both in class and out of class. In the journal, include each team member's role and a description of the work they complete as they complete it. Make sure to include a list of the cell's organelles and identify the representative structure used for each organelle in your city as well as the name assigned to them.
  4. Create a city newspaper or newsletter. This newspaper must have a title, three articles, and clipart (images). The articles can be creative and pertain to certain aspects of the city, or they can just be a report on the city's construction and structural aspects. The newspaper should also include a list of the team member's and their job assignments.

Check out the rubric for a better understanding of how you will be graded on this project.

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