Celltacular City!
A Webquest About Cells

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City Builder
As the city builder, you are responsible for three items.

  1. Complete all research on organelles (internet and textbook).
  2. Construct a 3D model of your team's city. Using the plans drawn up by your city planner, use whatever items you want to build your city. Make sure to include all organelles in the appropriate place. Some suggested items to use in your city: Legos, modeling clay, styrofoam, food products or containers, popsicle sticks, etc. Your city's dimensions can be no larger than 2' x 2'. You can use a square ceiling tile from Home Depot as the base of your city.
  3. Make typed labels for each organelle, and place these labels on each structure in the city model. Each label should include the name of the organelle (specific to the city - example: Cellville Post Office), the kind of organelle, and the function that organelle performs in the cell.

Check out the rubric for a better understanding of how you will be graded on this project.

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