Celltacular City!
A Webquest About Cells

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Step One: Research the structure and function of organelles in a typical eukaryotic cell (both plant and animal). First, print out the worksheets to fill out: Organelles 1 and Organelles 2. Go to Trackstar and type in "237442" or "237451" into "View Track #" box and click "Go." Click on "View in Frames" and get started! The websites will appear in the main frame and the links will be down the left-hand side of the screen. Complete both worksheets and keep. They will count as part of your final grade for the project!

Step Two: Continue your research using your textbook. (Remember, you can access it online! with username BDOL and password huChEtAsp5.) On your own paper, list the organelles found in a typical cell and use your textbook to record any pertinent information about the structure, function or location of each organelle. Keep this research; it will count as part of your final grade for the project!

Step Three: Decide who will fulfill the different roles needed to complete the project. If there are three team members, each person picks one role. If there are four team members, two people become city builders. You can choose from one of the following:

Once you have decided on a role, click on the following to see more details about it:

Step Four: Present the finished city and newspaper to the class on the designated date. There will be no test over the cell organelles; this project will count as a test grade.

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