Elect That Organelle!
A Collaborative Project About Organelles and Politics

Introduction       Task       Process       Evaluation       Conclusion       Student Work 

You and your team are going to run a campaign for this year's Organelle Elections. Your candidate has been nominated for the post of Most Important Organelle. In order to win, you will have to successfully convince your voters that without your candidate, they would be in dire straits, unable to survive. In fact, if your candidate were gone, the whole ecosystem would collapse! Your voters are students in one of the other AP biology classes (not your own classmates). These voters represent the plant, animal, and bacterial cells on our planet, so you need to tailor your campaign components to reach each of them. Be sure to include relevant arguments for each of these types of voters on all assignments. Do not skip on detail because they will know it! They are informed and educated, and they expect a quality campaign.

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