Elect That Organelle!
A Collaborative Project About Organelles and Politics

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Poster and Pamplet Producer
NOTE: If your group has four team members, one person is responsible for both the poster and the pamphlet. If you have five members, two people can work on this together.

You are required to hang at least one poster championing the greatness of your candidate (organelle). You must include the candidateís name, a picture, and a brief, catchy slogan that can attract voters and paints a clear picture of why your candidate is the most important. This should be very visual; think of the iconic Obama Hope poster. This poster is due on the second Monday after you are assigned this project. The poster must be hung in the hallway leading to our class and be stamped by Mrs. Anderson's office for approval.

You are also responsible for creating a campaign pamphlet that describes how totally awesome your candidate is. The following items should be included:

  • A catchy graphic on front
  • Structural details of candidate (How does your candidate visually appeal to your voters?)
  • Function of candidate (What does your candidate do for your voters?)
  • Description of why your candidate is crucial to the survival of your community, ecosystem, even the planet! (Maybe thatís a bit dramatic, but hey, thatís how a political campaign is run!)
  • References in MLA formatting on the back
Be sure to relate the structure of your candidate to his/her function. Be sure to make the connection for your voters as to why your candidate is so important. Be creative with this. Want to use quotes from doctors or other experts? Great! Remember that pictures can tell 1000 words. The pamphlet

Check out the rubric for a better understanding of how you will be graded on this project.

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