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Animating Biology

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Step One: Decide whether you are interested in making a stop-motion video or a shockwave/flash animation for your submission. To help you decide, you can check out the following websites.

Step Two: Once you know what type of project you want to do, get together with other students interested in making the same kind. For a stop motion video, groups should have three members. For a flash animation, groups should have two members. Looking at the list below, choose the two concepts you would be most interested in using as the basis for your video/animation. Let your teacher know so no two groups are covering the same topic.
  • action of enzymes
  • action of hormones (peptide vs. steroid)
  • animal and plant cell structure
  • atomic structure and bonding
  • blood transfusions
  • carbon cycle
  • cell-to-cell communication
  • cellular respiration
  • circulation
  • condensation and dehydration reactions
  • digestion (not available)
  • DNA replication
  • energy transfer in food webs (not available)
  • fermentation (alcohlic and lactic acid)
  • genetic recombination
  • immune response (specific is not available)
  • mitosis
  • meiosis
  • muscle contraction
  • nerve impulse
  • nitrogen cycle
  • passive and active transport
  • phosphorus cycle
  • photosynthesis
  • predator-prey cycle (not available)
  • protein translation
  • quorum sensing in bacteria
  • RNA transcription
  • signal transduction pathway
  • transpiration
  • tropisms
  • water cycle (not available)
  • Any milestone experiment: Hershey and Chase,
    Griffith, Avery, Meselson and Stahl, etc.

Step Three: Now you have a topic, choose which role each group member will play. You can click on the pictures for more information on what is expected for each role.

Stop Motion Video Roles:

Script Supervisor

Prop Designer

Video Editor

Flash Animation Roles:

Script Supervisor

Animation Director

Step Four: Even though each member will be earning an individual grade for their assignment, collaboration among all members will insure you create the best project possible. To find out how you will be graded for this project, check out the evaluation page.

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